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Actors Rehearsing

Previous Productions

See our selection of original productions. Each play has been crafted with the thought of having a conversation. We believe that each life matters and we want to help our communities to bond and heal together.


No matter what walk of life, who you love, the color of your skin, all of our lives matter. 


When the Bud Blooms

Themes: Mental Health

Simone, a talented singer who struggles with depression and her journey in finding hope. Watch as she slips into your heart and you can feel yourself empathizing with her and want to stand with excitement when she finds her own empowerment and her voice is able to blossom. 

Release: Unearthing the Silent Rumblings

An original anthology consisting of four short plays that are sure to stir hearts and minds. At the end of the anthology, you'll be glued to your seat and we hope that you join us in our facilitated discussion afterwards. 


Private Lives, Private Lies

It's not just about coming out, it's about coming as you are.

Feel your heart ache as you watch the lives of  as you watch them live through lies, addiction, and rejection. Immersed and glued to your seat, you'll see see if they decide to take the plunge and live their truth or have the lies gone too deep? 

The play is composed of four vignettes.

Themes: LGBTQIA 


New Plays in Production

There are billions of lives out in the world, thus there are that many stories to tell.


If you want to get involved or have a play recommendation, contact us! We'd love to hear from you and we strive to represent as many voices as we can to our communities. 

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