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Dianna L. Grayer, PhD., LMFT

Founder | Playwright | Executive Director


I am an activist! I fight for the underdog and I've been doing this since I was a teen. Activists resist in different ways. I've found theater to be one of the ways I can open minds and hearts!

My goal of Our Lives Matter Theater Company is to keep our lives visible. Our stories matter. I want to highlight some of the difficult experiences marginalized communities often deal with. 

The audience gets to be affected. They get to see their stories or a friend's story come to life. They learn and open their hearts because people tell their stories during our Q and A.

I want all people to love themselves and live authentic lives. We must stop hiding and be our true selves.


Our lives matter and we deserve to live them authentically, without fear, without apology, and embrace our true selves.

Dianna L. Grayer, Ph.D., Founder


Our Lives Matter Theater Company (OLMTC) creates and presents contemporary theatrical productions, workshops, and trainings that will inspire, empower, and change lives.



Human beings are affected by many situations such as injustice, rejection, depression, and other mental health issues. Often people don’t have the love, support or the wherewithal to be able to maneuver these challenges and complexities. OLMTC wants to give actors and audience members the opportunity to be affected, educated, inspired, empowered as well as be entertained. 


GUIDING VALUES: Inclusivity, Social Justice, Diversity



At OLMTC, those who are marginalized are elevated, are invited to be a part of the center and no longer silenced. OLMTC will provide the opportunity for people to feel included, heard, and validated, as all lives are valued and celebrated.

2022-2023 Advisory Council

Dianna L. Grayer, President & Executive Director

Sheridan Gold, Treasurer

Barb Gordon, Member

Anna Fargo-Gordan, Member

Janice Hardy-Member

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