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Our Lives Matter Theater Company.




Our Lives Matter Theater Company (OLMTC) creates and presents contemporary theatrical productions, workshops, and trainings that will inspire, empower, and change lives.



Human beings are affected by many situations such as injustice, rejection, depression, and other mental health issues. Often people don’t have the love, support or the wherewithal to be able to maneuver these challenges and complexities. OLMTC wants to give actors and audience members the opportunity to be affected, educated, inspired, empowered as well as be entertained. 


GUIDING VALUES: Inclusivity, Social Justice, Diversity



At OLMTC, those who are marginalized are elevated, are invited to be a part of the center and no longer silenced. OLMTC will provide the opportunity for people to feel included, heard, and validated, as all lives are valued and celebrated.


Start a conversation.

Get inspired!

Each of our productions are produced in mind to be the start of a conversation. We understand the importance that difficult topics are a tough subject to talk about and it is our goal to help make the process simpler. 

So laugh! Cry! Enjoy the show and be prepared to share your thoughts afterwards! 

At our theater company, we are always on the move. We love to spread our craft to others and have these conversations so we opened our doors to do workshops with our local communities. 

Each workshop is curated to spark a conversation and to provide a new perspective into issues based on LGBTQ+, Race, Mental Health, and other sensitive topics. 

Feeling inspired? 

Join us on the stage as an actor and feel the audience's excitement.

Or perhaps you might like to work behind the scenes and

learn the mastery of backstage magic. 

We'd love for you to join our family!

Our Story

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Our story begins with our Founder Dianna L. Grayer, PhD, M.F.T.,  witness people, within all different walks of life, struggle to represent themselves and love themselves for who they are.  

We have all experienced some kind of hurt and pain in our relationships with our parents and others, which often have had a major impact in the direction we choose in our lives. This impact determines how we treat ourselves and others, how we engage in our intimate relationships, and how we present who we are to the world.


But what happens if we don't talk about certain 'taboo' subjects: Racism, Mental Health, Addiction, and Discrimination.


The effect is easily seen within our society. Hate can poison our communities and divide us. During a time where we are supposed to be as connected and united as ever, we are often so polarized due to misunderstandings or lack of perspective. 


So the question is:

How to get people to listen? How do we get people to be willing to open themselves and allow for a vulnerable conversation to happen? 

Through the power of story, we bring to life many of the issues that communities struggle with. This allows for more open hearts and births empathy within ourselves. 


So let's have these conversations and let's talk! Join us as we strive to provide an effective and long lasting solution to help bridge together our communities. 

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You can help keep the conversation going.


Your gift makes a difference! By supporting OLMTC, you are joining our mission to bring an array of stories to the stage and create impactful educational theatre experiences for our communities.

Your support will be used to bring high-quality storytelling in our original productions this year. The artists whose skills and talents drive our work are vital in our company and who are sure to move you.

Because of people like you, our stars can keep shining where they were always meant to, on stage. 



"This show is truly miraculous, in terms of its honesty and authenticity, in depicting much of what happens in real LGBTQ relationships, and the complex interactions we have, with each other and our family and friends.  


One of the first thoughts I had was, if there are local, state-wide and national gatherings/conventions of those working in the therapy/psychology fields, this would be a PERFECT show to be featured, for those hoping to hone their skills working with our population." 


Susan G. 

Private Lives, Private Lies

fb pic 1.jpg


"It was beautiful and painfully accurate portrayal of the lives that too too many of our brothers and sisters have had to live…may this be forever changed.


Thank you for the reminder of what people have lived through in order to become authentically themselves and to let love bloom.


May you keep up the dreaming ladies…our world is too short on vision."

Rolf V.


Join us onstage, online, or offline and start working towards a different future. Watch as our diverse set of actors go onstage and give riveting performances highlighting mental health, race, and LGBTQ+ themes. 

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Contact Us

Have questions?

Really. Ask us anything. 

Like that one question you couldn't ask in front of the group. 

Thank you for supporting your local voices!


Remember your Life Matters!

Image by Vadim Fomenok
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Dianna L. Grayer, Ph.D, MFT
Founder | Playwright | Executive Director

Our Lives Matter Theater Company is a fiscally-sponsored project of Fractured Atlas 

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